Nadine Labaki on WHERE DO WE GO NOW?

A comedy about dire consequences, WHERE DO WE GO NOW? takes a look at the ease with which humanity slips into war, and the sometimes insurmountable difficulties that arise as people struggle to avoid it. Setting the film in a small Lebanese village where Christian and Muslim live side-by-side, director/writer/actress Nadine Labaki tells the tale of women — wives and mothers who have seen too many husbands and sons claimed in pointless battles — attempting to stave off another religious conflict through methods ranging from dissuading the men folk with direct entreaties to distracting them with a bus full of Ukrainian strippers (U.N, take note: works better than a planeload of old white guys).


As with her previous film, CARAMEL, Labaki manages to mix an empathetic understanding of human tragedy with warm, wry humor. For so gentle an outlook, the film has a powerhouse impact, which made it a genuine pleasure to talk with Labaki for this episode.

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