John Kricfalusi on CANS WITHOUT LABELS

Okay, we’re breaking format here, but for what I think is a good reason. Famed cartoonist John Kricfalusi — aka John K — has started up a Kickstarter campaign for his new project, CANS WITHOUT LABELS, featuring that fireplug dynamo of really bad ideas, George Liquor (characteristic quote: “It’s discipline that begets love!”). John wanted to talk about it and I was up for finding out what he was up to, thus this special episode of MIGHTY MOVIE PODCAST.

John was one of the guys responsible for the rebirth of truly anarchic, funny cartoons with REN AND STIMPY. His mix of gorgeous and grotesque set the stage for everything from SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS to ADVENTURE TIME, and one look at the pitch art for CANS makes me eager to see ol’ George back in action and imposing his manly will on us luckless mortals.

Click on the player to hear John and I discuss the upcoming cartoon, John’s campaign to get animation back to its chaotic roots, the strange genealogy of  cartoon nephews, and the dying tradition of animated spokespeople.

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