Anne Émond on NUIT #1

NUIT #1 begins with its main characters, Clara (Catherine de Léan) and Nikolai (Dimitri Storoge), engaged in a superficial but strenuous bout of sex, having just met each other at a rave and retreated to Nikolai’s sparsely appointed apartment. But, using the sheer shallowness of that physical coupling as a springboard, director Anne Émond delves deeper, as Clara and Nikolai begin to unburden themselves in a post-coitus confrontation that exposes their hopes, disappointments, fears, and desires. Abandoning the by-now common widescreen format for a 35mm frame to enhance the intimacy of the drama, Émond stages an exchange between two souls that’s spare and intimate, yet sears as hot as the most reckless of one-night stands. It’s incisive, passionate drama that, frankly, blew me away.

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