Katie Dippold on THE HEAT

So in the midst of the interstellar conflicts, zombie plagues, and giant robots, how about a summer movie that’s a little more grounded? How about Sandra Bullock as a Type A, by-the-book FBI agent clashing up against Melissa McCarthy as a loose-cannon Boston police detective as they try to take down a drug lord? THE HEAT isn’t shy about acknowledging its debts to the buddy-cop comedies of yore, but throws in a few, gender-twisted wrinkles all its own (you never saw Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in a drunken hug-dance, did you?).

Writer Katie Dippold makes her feature film debut with THE HEAT, after logging time on the writing staffs of MADTV and PARKS AND RECREATION. I sat down with her to discuss her spin on this hallowed genre, and her experience working on-set with director Paul Feig.

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