Mighty Movie Podcast: Matteo Garrone on REALITY

Luciano (Aniello Arena) only looks like an affable fishmonger with a side business running purloined kitchen appliances from a small village near Naples; within him beats the heart of a true Snooki. When, in the new comedy REALITY, he’s called in to audition for a spot on the Italian edition of BIG BROTHER, the siren song of fame so distracts him that he’s soon losing sight of such small details as making a living. Director Matteo Garrone takes the naturalistic intensity he poured into his crime film GOMORRAH and applies it to this sly tale of ambition gone way, way wrong. I got to talk to Garrone about what motivated his move to (adimittedly dark) comedy, what it was like shooting at the legendary Cinecittà studios, and the unorthodox background of his lead actor. Click on the player to hear the show.

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