Donnie Yen on DRAGON

Some people’s pasts come back to haunt them; some come back to kill them. In Peter Ho-Sun Chan’s martial arts film, DRAGON, Donnie Yen plays a loving husband living with his wife and child in a small, Chinese village at the beginning of the twentieth century. But when he seemingly inadvertently foils a robbery attempt, the investigation by a dedicated detective (Tekeshi Kaneshiro) reveals that the humble villager may not be all he seems. As the truth comes out in layers of deception and revelation, it becomes more and more obvious that the village savior also has a family past, one that could doom him, his loved ones, and anyone who knows him.


Yen not only stars in the film, but also was responsible for the action sequences, and the combination of intriguing storyline with eye-dazzling martial arts sequences makes this one of the best entertainments to come out of Hong Kong in a while. We were delighted to talk to Yen about how it all came together.  Click on the player to hear my interview.

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