This is an episode of Temple of Bad that includes several firsts.  It’s our first discussion of a black-and-white film.  It’s our first discussion of a film that has such a ridiculously short running time.  It’s our first film starring John Carradine, and our first film starring the oh-so-dreamy John Agar.  Sadly, it’s also our first episode without our fearless leader Dan Persons.  So this time around, Invisible Invaders is discussed by Andrea Lipinski [link name  to http://www.beabetterbooktalker.com], Kevin Lauderdale [link name to http://kevinlauderdale.livejournal.com/], and pop culture fiend / bad movie aficionado Orenthal Hawkins [link name to http://www.multimediumrare.com].  Will this fearless trio be able to wrangle some sense out of this sci-fi classic?  Will they be swayed by their love of Geiger counters and theremins, or will they decide that this film is just a waste of time?  Will they come up with a record number of rules for the Temple of Bad’s drinking game?  What do YOU think?

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