(Sung to the tune of Maniac):

A Satanist who can zip out of chains.He is suave, and he’s smart, and clumsy.He gropes all the chicks, and eats his victim’s brains,Everybody says he’s eeeee-vil.

He gets burned at the stake, but is feeling no pain.He knows it’s just a matter of time,Three hundred years in fact, that he’s coming right back,To suck out brains with his big, floppy tongue.

He can freeze you with a look,But you’ll just look like a schnook,’Cause you should have known by now:

He’s a Brainiac, Brainiac with some style,And to eat your brains is the thing that makes him smile.He’s a Brainiac, Brainiac who’s intense,And his vengeance really don’t make no damn sense.

Yes, in a long-delayed but well-worth-waiting-for Temple of Bad, Orenthal Hawkins (who brainstormed the soulful ballad above), Andrea Lipinski and Kevin Lauderdale, and Dan Persons take on the goofy Mexican horror film, The Brainiac. Bad makeup, crappy sets, and ridiculous effects rule the day! Click on the player to hear the show, or right-click the link to download.

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