Sponsored Video: Heineken’s THE CANDIDATE Throws Job Interviewees Some Curves

Hoo-boy, hidden-camera comedy. I admit my relationship with the genre is at best ambiguous: I’ll laugh, but not always with a clear conscience. Tom Green harassing innocent bystanders in a giant, inflatable ball can be funny, but mostly because it’s Green who bears the brunt of the ensuing abuse. David Letterman deploying an army of Spider-Men one-by-one into a Jamba Juice is better, just because it relies less on the embarrassment/pain/discomfort of the people caught up in the gag, and more on the notion of folks trying to accommodate a bit of the surreal dropped into their everyday lives. Maybe it’s just that I have a highly-developed sense of empathy — if I can imagine myself in the place of the people in the video and feel how nightmarish the situation would be, the gag’s a non-starter. Or maybe it’s just self-defense, the knowledge that in the same situation I’d be caught on-camera acting like a righteous douche. Nah, no thank you.

Fortunately, I didn’t have any problem enjoying the sponsored video below, in which Heineken tests the resilience of some candidates for an internship by throwing a bunch of unusual interview techniques their way, including mildly inappropriate touching, medical emergencies, and impromptu rescue missions. That the people pulling gag do it more with wry humor than with sadistic glee helps; that the results show the young interviewees displaying their humanity and fortitude — positive impulses — just cleared away my resistance and let me enjoy the video for the clever work it is. Check the thing out yourself — it don’t hurt.

This post has been sponsored by Heineken, but the thoughts are our own.

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