Skittles Knows That the Cute Girls Want You Only for the Candy in Your Belly (Sponsored Video)

Surely, the high school years are the cruelest period of anyone’s life. The cliques, the taunting, the incessant, petty politics… and that’s just in the teachers’ lounge. (Hah, it’s the ol’ switcheroo!)

All kidding aside, the people who make Skittles have decided to salute this most torturous phase of adolescence with a series of videos that rip the figurative Band-Aid off the symbolic scab that is the teen psyche. For instance, who doesn’t remember being young, awkward, and sought after by the cutest members of the class not for your sensitive soul but because your innards offered an endless supply of Skittles? And how mixed a blessing was it when they dared to grope around within, just to get more? Sure, all they wanted was that sweet, crunchy-chewy, fruit-flavored candy, but it was kinda worth it, wasn’t it?

Skittles knows, and they’ve commemorated the trauma in this sponsored video, thusly:

This post is sponsored by Skittles. I’m partial to the tropical mix, myself.

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