Joe Franklin Knows Talent (Sponsored Post)

Joe FranklinYou know you got it, you know it’s good, you just need that push to get your unique talent onto the stage and before an awaiting public. Well, our sponsor for this episode, Samsung, is ready to give you your chance with Samsung Mobile Stage, a competition that will grant a handful of standout entrants the potential for fame and fortune (not a mammoth fortune, mind, but tidy enough).

But perhaps you’re hesitating before stepping onto that stage. Perhaps you need some sage advice from an entertainment insider before taking the plunge. Well, kid, look no further, ’cause Mighty Movie Podcast has tracked down veteran talk-show host and all-around show-biz maven Mr. Joe Franklin. Over the course of fifty years, Joe has welcomed the likes of Barbara Streisand, The Ramones, Frank Sinatra and They Might Be Giants onto his stage — when he talks about talent, who’s got it and what it takes to offer it up to the world, he knows from whence he speaks.

Enlightenment awaits. Just click on the player.

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