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Neal Brennan on THE GOODS

I Loves Ya, Ya Scoundrels: Clockwise from left: Jordana Spiro; James Brolin; Jeremy Piven; David Koechner; Kathryn Hahn; and Rob Riggle as the ten-year-old with the gland problem in THE GOODS

So here’s my tale: On Monday, we finally had to put our cat, Boris, to sleep. He had been a good friend for nineteen years, but in the last few weeks in particular it had become evident he had reached the end of the line. Didn’t make the decision any easier. At the same time, …

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Tommy Wirkola on DEAD SNOW

In case you didn't hear me the first time, zombie Nazis! From DEAD SNOW

Listening to this episode, you might get the impression that I’m really hooked on the phrase, “zombie Nazis.” I am. I really am. Look at it this way: Two of my favorite film titles of all time belong to the Troma releases SURF NAZIS MUST DIE and CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIE TOWN (although, to pronounce …

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