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David Huddleston has lumps of cinematic coal for everybody in SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE.

Are you hungering for a wonderful, whimsical tale filled with magic and adventure? A story that captures the spirit of the most joyous time of the year, and brings to thrilling life the legend of the man who became the ultimate symbol of generosity and good will? Sorry, we’re all out of that, but we …

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The CFQ Interview: THE TOXIC AVENGER’s Lloyd Kaufman

Lloyd Kaufman, channeling his inner Ed Wood.

For close to forty years, the New York-based studio Troma has been a perverse, gory thumb in the eye of all that’s staid and safe in mainstream Hollywood. It’s co-founder Lloyd Kaufman has built a fan-base by directing such twisted, low-budget epics as THE TOXIC AVENGER, CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH, TROMEO AND JULIET and …

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MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000’S Frank Conniff: The CFQ Interview

Frank Conniff gets the Shepard Fairey treatment.

As MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000′S TV’s Frank, comedian and writer Frank Conniff became possibly the most cuddly mad scientist in history. From his debut television appearance that started with the show’s second season — for which he scripted and also pre-screened the “cheesy movies” that would torture host Joel Hodgson and crew — Conniff went …

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Cinefantastique Spotlight: OBLIVION

Tom Cruise confronts the unknown in OBLIVION.

OBLIVION is a fun, state-of-the-art, big-studio science fiction adventurer, action-packed and, under the direction of Joseph Kosinski, quite beautiful. That, in its telling the tale of post-apocalyptic caretaker Tom Cruise discovering his alien-war-ravaged Earth suffered its wounds for reasons other than he was told (with Morgan Freeman doing for the Morpheus role what he previously …

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Sidiki Conde & Alan Govenar on YOU DON’T NEED FEET TO DANCE

Sidiki Conde (right) defies the barriers in YOU DON'T NEED FEET TO DANCE.

The subject of the documentary YOU DON’T NEED FEET TO DANCE, Sidiki Conde, is possibly the very definition of determination and resilience. Born in Guinea, stricken with polio that lost him the use of his legs as a teen, overcoming that stigma by forming an orchestra of disabled artists that toured the country, Conde eventually …

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Keith David: The CFQ Interview

Keith David (left) and Roddy Piper fight the power in THEY LIVE.

Quick, when I throw out the name Keith David, what’s your first thought? Him casting a suspicious glance towards Kurt Russell in THE THING? The fistfight with Rowdy Roddy Piper in THEY LIVE? Maybe it’s the noble and ferocious Goliath from GARGOYLES or the nefarious Dr. Facilier from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG? Face it, …

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David Strathairn on GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK

David Strathairn is Edward R. Murrow in GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK.

Released at a time when America’s faith in journalism was undergoing serious turmoil, George Clooney’s drama GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK was a stirring reminder of the importance of the institution. Focusing on TV newsman Edward R. Murrow (David Strathairn) and his producer, Fred Friendly (Clooney), and the risks they took in turning their spotlight …

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The Forum Film Festival in NYC Closes with DUCK SOUP and Short Film Awards

I had to do it. The Forum Film Festival, run by the Forum on Law, Culture & Society at Fordham Law School was screening GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK, George Clooney’s dramatic reenactment of the clash between broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow and the commie-hunting Senator Joseph McCarthy, and had invited me to interview actor …

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Cinefantastique Spotlight: RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION

Please Wipe Your Feet Before Entering the Detention Unit: Milla Jovovich winds up in the belly of a beastly corporation in RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION.

People have condemned the RESIDENT EVIL series, claiming it’s nothing more than a loose assemblage of action sequences wherein Milla Jovovich’s agile zombie-fighter Alice runs and shoots guns. Not satisfied with that, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson has confounded expectations with RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION: He has Alice shoot guns, then run. Cinefantastique Online’s Steve Biodrowski and …

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Cinefantastique Spotlight: THE POSSESSION

Little Girls Should Not Be Dipping into Daddy's Humidor: Natasha Calis regrets her curiosity in THE POSSESSION.

You were at the beach. You were visiting relatives. You had friends over for one, last barbecue. You were scrubbing down the altar for the midnight sacrifice to the Great Old Ones (special for Providence only). Whatever you were doing, it was something you felt was more important than being in the theater this past …

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