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The Cinefantastique Spotlight: TRANSCENDENCE

It's a brave but not especially bold new world faced by (clockwise from top) Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy, and Morgan Freeman in TRANSCENDENCE.

It’s some kind of irony that the experience of watching a film called TRANSCENDENCE is far from transcendent. Not that director Wally Pfister doesn’t try: The story of a scientist working in A.I. research (Johnny Depp) who has his own consciousness transferred to the Web is lushly mounted (as befits a big-studio production from the …

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The Cinefantastique Spotlight: OCULUS

This scene, featuring stars Brenton Thwaites and Karen Gillan, appears NOWHERE in OCULUS.

How frustrating is it when a film has all the stuff it needs — promising premise, good production values, decent cast, director who can twist filmic reality in imaginative ways — and just… doesn’t … grab… you? Pretty damn frustrating, it turns out. OCULUS tells the tale of an orphaned brother and sister who reunite …

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Cinefantastique Capsule Review: PLUS ONE

Rhys Wakefield is beside himself in PLUS ONE.

PLUS ONE (aka +1). Directed by Dennis Iliadis. IFC Midnight, 9/13, 97 mins. With: Ashley Hinshaw, Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller. At the kind of teen party that happens only in movies courting the demo that dreams of going to this kind of teen party — you know: copious booze and drugs; gyrating strippers; million-dollar sound …

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Shaul Schwarz on NARCO CULTURA

The band Los BuKnas de Culiacan celebrate the cartel life in NARCO CULTURA.

Ah, the romance of the outlaw — dashing and fearless, living a life of danger and adventure. Except when they’re greedy sociopaths leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. NARCO CULTURA looks into the world of the Mexican drug cartels and how it has spawned a culture that romanticizes and celebrates the bloody exploits …

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The CFQ Interview: EAGLEHEART: PARADISE RISING’s Jason Woliner & Andrew Weinberg

Just a typical day at the office for Chris Elliott in EAGLEHEART: PARADISE RISING.

These are dark days indeed for US Marshall Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliott). He’s devastated over the loss of his partner, Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman), in a tragic wood chipper incident, and forced to deal with the suspicions of his colleague, Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer), that he was responsible for the death (because he was). But …

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Joe De Sue demonstrates a keen insight into the human condition in his title role as BLACKENSTEIN.

As we’ve previously noted, in the sixties, the revolution wasn’t televised, and film wasn’t always an accurate conduit for measuring the temper of the times. BLACKENSTEIN was meant to ride the then-burgeoning wave of (duh) blaxsploitation films, reaching out to African-American audiences with a story that provided all the elements of popular cinema, yet spoke …

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John Sayles and Yolanda Ross on GO FOR SISTERS

Yolanda Ross (right), Edward James Olmos and LisaGay Hamilton dredge the Tijuana underworld in GO FOR SISTERS.

It’s back to the border for John Sayles, who in films like LONE STAR has explored the distinctive tensions that brew in the towns that neighbor to Mexico. Now he’s applying that worldview to the mystery thriller in GO FOR SISTERS, the story of a parole officer (LisaGay Hamilton) whose son may be in big …

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The Cinefantastique Spotlight: CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2; WE ARE WHAT WE ARE & More

Do not go gentle into that good stew: Food gets wild in CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2.

The fellowship was broken for this week’s show: Cinefantastique Online’s Dan Persons decided to strike out on his own, braving a wilderness of ravenous, 3D foodstuffs to take in the week’s mainstream release, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2, while Steve Biodrowski delved into the hostile terrain of cult horror with the long-delayed slasher …

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The Cinefantastique Spotlight: THE WICKER MAN

An agricultural community brings back that really old-time religion in THE WICKER MAN.

The film that Cinefantastique founder Fred Clarke called, “The CITIZEN KANE of horror,” is back, newly remastered and in an edition that its director has dubbed the “final cut.” In THE WICKER MAN, a devoutly religious Scottish policeman (Edward Woodward) travels to an island-bound agricultural community to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. What …

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The Cinefantastique Spotlight: INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Patrick Wilson in INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2.

Oh yeah, kid, you’ve got a bad case of sequelitis right there. Technically polished with occasional striking moments, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 picks up the story of the Lambert family — Patrick Wilson as daddy Josh, Rose Byrne as mother Renai, plus kids including Ty Simpkins as the psychically tuned-in Dalton — immediately after their disastrous …

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