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ZOOTOPIA: The Furry Fight Against Trump – Hour of the Wolf Movie Review

NATURAL ENEMIES — Zootopia's first bunny officer Judy Hopps finds herself face to face with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox in Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Zootopia." Featuring the voices of Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy and Jason Bateman as Nick, "Zootopia" opens in theaters on March 4, 2016. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s a curious thing: A fun, funny, action-packed animated family film that just by happenstance strikes at the very core of the ugliness behind the presidential campaign of a certain, stubby-fingered, orange-American. Couldn’t have been by design, not with production schedules for CG animation being what they are, but there it is: ZOOTOPIA — anthropomorphized …

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The courtroom was the scene of the crime in KIDS FOR CASH.

Former Judge Mark Ciavarella wants you to know it was never about Kids for Cash. In his interviews with director Robert May (and kudos to the documentary-maker for scoring lens-time with the perpetrators of this scandal, along with their victims), he bristles against being tagged with that identifier. And, indeed, he’s got a point: It’s …

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Luminita Gheorghiu in CHILD'S POSE.

American movies apply a pretty straightforward technique to devastate an audience: build up the emotion; accelerate the cutting; maybe throw in some shouting; add a swell of music; boom, you’re there. Things apparently are different in Romania. Maybe Romanians are a more patient people, or we’re seeing the remnants of a culture where, not all …

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The Cinefantastique Spotlight: ROBOCOP


And so, shouldering our backpacks and steeling ourselves against the urge to look back, we leave the doldrums of the start-of-2014 release schedule. Farewell, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES! Farewell, I, FRANKENSTEIN! Farewell, (ugh) VAMPIRE ACADEMY! May our paths never cross again. (A fruitless wish in the case of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY — the next installment …

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Shaul Schwarz on NARCO CULTURA

The band Los BuKnas de Culiacan celebrate the cartel life in NARCO CULTURA.

Ah, the romance of the outlaw — dashing and fearless, living a life of danger and adventure. Except when they’re greedy sociopaths leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. NARCO CULTURA looks into the world of the Mexican drug cartels and how it has spawned a culture that romanticizes and celebrates the bloody exploits …

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John Sayles and Yolanda Ross on GO FOR SISTERS

Yolanda Ross (right), Edward James Olmos and LisaGay Hamilton dredge the Tijuana underworld in GO FOR SISTERS.

It’s back to the border for John Sayles, who in films like LONE STAR has explored the distinctive tensions that brew in the towns that neighbor to Mexico. Now he’s applying that worldview to the mystery thriller in GO FOR SISTERS, the story of a parole officer (LisaGay Hamilton) whose son may be in big …

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Writer Katie Dippold on THE HEAT

Sandra Bullock (left) and Melissa McCarthy are on the opposite sides of the same side of the law in THE HEAT.

So in the midst of the interstellar conflicts, zombie plagues, and giant robots, how about a summer movie that’s a little more grounded? How about Sandra Bullock as a Type A, by-the-book FBI agent clashing up against Melissa McCarthy as a loose-cannon Boston police detective as they try to take down a drug lord? THE …

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The CFQ Interview: BLADE RUNNER’s William Sanderson

William Sanderson (right) and Chris Bauer face the brave new, bloodsucking future in TRUE BLOOD.

Who among us didn’t watch lonely, trusting J.F. Sebastian take renegade replicant Pris into his digs at the Bradbury building and think, Oh, this shall not end well? It was William Sanderson who gave BLADE RUNNER’s afflicted replicant designer an awkward vulnerability, but the actor also gave life to TRUE BLOOD’s conflicted Sheriff Bud Dearborne …

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Cinefantastique Spotlight: THE PURGE

Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke play a well-off couple who discover that steel shutters and high-tech surveillance systems are not enough to keep out THE PURGE.

THE PURGE had a happy weekend at the theaters and a not-so-happy weekend in the press, drawing healthy box office but getting slammed by most critics. Somewhat reflecting the confusion, the Cinefantastique Online gang of Steve Biodrowski, Lawrence French, and Dan Persons are of mixed opinions about this tale of the United States undergoing a …

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The going gets gutsy in RIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY.

In the future — and by “future,” we mean 2001 — the Chinese prison system will be stupid. Also violent, sadistic, and quite, quite unsanitary — what with there not being a wall, fixture or floor that isn’t thoroughly coated with the viscera of its unfortunate inhabitants — but mostly really, really dumb. That’s the …

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