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APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD: You Can’t Steam-Clean Steampunk – Hour of the Wolf Movie Review


Soooo much to cover in one, brief segment! First, I look at the French animated film APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD, and how it takes on the genre of steampunk in a way few steampunkers dare to consider. Then I have some belated thoughts on the entertaining comic book movie, DEADPOOL, and highlight a standout …

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THE BRAINIAC – Temple of Bad


(Sung to the tune of Maniac): A Satanist who can zip out of chains. He is suave, and he’s smart, and clumsy. He gropes all the chicks, and eats his victim’s brains, Everybody says he’s eeeee-vil. He gets burned at the stake, but is feeling no pain. He knows it’s just a matter of time, …

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Hour of the Wolf Movie Review: THE MACHINE


“The Machine, Dan? The Machine? Surely you must mean Ex Machina, the dark, sensual drama about a young programmer falling into the thrall of an eerily human-like android, the film that grabbed so much attention earlier this year. That’s the film you’re talking about, right?” No, no I’m actually talking about The Machine, another film …

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A TRIBUTE TO CHRISTOPHER LEE – The Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast


No life is forever, not even that of the man who played immortal vampires, mouldering corpses, and psychotic satanists. Christopher Lee had so permanently placed his mark on the world of fantastic film that his death this past week sent a shock wave through film fandom, so assured were we that he’d always be around …

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Hour of the Wolf Catch-Up: SPRING

CATCH-UP SUNDAY! Bringing you the Hour of the Wolf review segments that were not posted on their air dates. From 4/2/15: Imagine if Richard Linklater called Julie Delpy in just before the cameras rolled on Before Sunrise and said, “I’ve got a bit of a twist for your character…” That’s the basic concept behind Spring, …

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Hour of the Wolf Movie Review: THE BEAST & IMMORAL TALES

The Beast (1975)

Kirk Cameron can kid himself, but these are the films that will truly save Christmas. Just in time to provide a respite for anyone sick of all that Holly-Jolly, IFC is releasing a pair of notorious erotic classics to the cinema. Walerian Borowczyk’s THE BEAST and IMMORAL TALES had their original debuts in the ’70’s, …

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The CFQ Interview: THE WALKING DEAD’s Greg Nicotero

Greg Nicotero (in glasses and plaid shirt) preps a zombie for his moment in the spotlight on THE WALKING DEAD.

Sometimes doing the job is reward in itself. That’s what it was like for me to talk with Greg Nicotero. From DAWN OF THE DEAD to BREAKING BAD, from ARMY OF DARKNESS to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, from HOSTEL to SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, his vivid and creative makeup effects work …

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The CFQ Interview: SHARKNADO 2’s Dante Palminteri

(l to r) Ian Ziering, Dante Palminteri, and Vivica A. Fox hope the Big Apple won't take a bite out of them in SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE.

It’s raining sharks, hallelujah! Or maybe whether you’re making that exclamation depends on how highly refined your appreciation of irony is. Yes, SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE is here, moving the mayhem to New York (to the producers’ credit, largely the real New York), larding the proceedings with copious cameos (hallloooo Andy Dick, Perez Hilton, …

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At long last, Dossier Fantastique re-opens, offering need-to-know data regarding the latest in horror, fantasy, and science fiction cinema and television. I make my long-awaited return with an Hour of the Wolf review of Snowpiercer, the metaphoric science fiction film from Bong-Joon Ho (The Host). Lawrence French receives The Signal, an indie sci-fi flick. And …

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The CFQ Interview: RIGOR MORTIS Director Juno Mak

Chin Siu-Ho discovers that urban renewal ain't all it's cracked up to be in RIGOR MORTIS

Even in the anything-to-get-your-adrenaline-pumping world of Hong Kong cinema, RIGOR MORTIS stands out. The story of a famous actor, Chin Siu-Ho (played by actual famous actor Chin Siu-Ho — your heard us), who has to contend with a seedy apartment building whose walls reverberate with echoes of his most famous film, the hopping vampire horror-comedy …

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