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Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz on THE INTERRUPTERS

Steve James (with camera), Alex Kotlowitz (to James' right), and Zak Piper (with microphone) capture "violence interrupter" Ameena Matthews on the job for THE INTERRUPTERS.

In the movies, one man and one gun is all it takes to keep the peace. In reality, when you’re talking about the fear, anger, and frustration generated from poverty and exacerbated by drugs, territorial conflict, and just plain ego, a more empathetic approach is probably better. In the new documentary, THE INTERRUPTERS, director Steve …

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Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel on LOUDER THAN A BOMB

An Explosion of Words: The Steinmenauts electrify LOUDER THAN A BOMB.

I’m basically down with anything that celebrates language, but LOUDER THAN A BOMB is something special. Based around the 2008 Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry slam that took place in Chicago, the film focuses on four high school teams as they face the difficulties of prepping and competing in the event. In the midst …

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Michael Keaton directs THE MERRY GENTLEMAN.

The gentleman is not merry. The gentleman is quite morose, as a matter of fact. The title only becomes comprehensible once you know that the THE MERRY GENTLEMAN, Michael Keaton’s directing debut, takes place during Christmas. Thus, by placing a “God rest ye…” before the title, you get some idea of the film’s emotional outlook. …

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