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Cinefantastique Podcast: 2010 Summer Wrap-Up

Sweet, Summer Memories...

It’s a special Labor Day edition of the Cinefantastique Podcast. Eschewing the usual round-up of news and reviews, Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski provide their assessment on the best and worst that this summer had to offer. What tops the list: SPLICE, INCEPTION, PREDATORS, or IRON MAN 2? And what lies at the …

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Dan Stone & James Joyner on AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD

The Whale Hunters Hunted: Sea Shepherd challenges a Japanese whaling vessel

Paul Watson dropped out of Greenpeace because he felt they weren’t doing enough to protect whales from fleets hunting in supposedly protected seas. He founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and over the years has become the bane of whalers — Japanese in particular — by employing confrontational tactics that start at stink bombs (did …

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Louie Psihoyos on THE COVE

The Killing Waters: Looking down on THE COVE

Who the hell didn’t love FLIPPER? Cute ‘n’ cuddly (and how many sea creatures do you know get to claim those adjectives?), the titular bottle-nose dolphin of the classic sixties TV show was a real Up with People kinda mammal. You may not remember any of the specific episodes (didn’t most of them have to …

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Episode 00: “A Sea Change” – An Interview with Filmmakers Barbara Ettinger & Sven Huseby

Okay, this may just be a test run to see if the entire podcast mechanism is up & running, but don’t say we don’t deliver value even then! In this, essentially our pilot episode, we feature an interesting few minutes with Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby, environmental activists and filmmakers whose documentary about the threat …

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