THE SUMMER OF CORRECTIONS: iTunes Repost for (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and Release Date for IN THE LOOP

Turns out there may be some trouble downloading the (500) DAYS OF SUMMER episode on iTunes, so this is a repost that hopefully will fix things. If you had trouble downloading on iTunes before, give it a shot again. If you wind up getting two copies of this ep, well, consider that twice the MMP for your money! (I know, I know, it’s free.)

If you’re still having trouble downloading, I’d appreciate being contacted. Your satisfaction is my only goal (that, and having dinner with Martin Scorsese, but you know…).

In addition, the release date I cited in the IN THE LOOP episode came from old info. Turns out the film is being released in New York on July 24th. Hope that didn’t mess up your plans for the weekend.

That’s all for now. Resume living.

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