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You Will Believe a Fake Head on a Table is a Fake Head on a Table: A gripping moment from THE MAN WITHOUT A BODY.

As best as we can determine, the producers of THE MAN WITHOUT A BODY had a camera and some film and said to themselves, “Well, we’ve got to do something with this stuff.” And the dedicated advocates of the Temple of Bad have to agree with these esteemed artistes: This film is certainly a thing. …

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Temple of Bad: STARCRASH

UnForced Drama: Caroline Munro, Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff confront cheesy space adventure in STARCRASH.

Italy has brought us so many wonderful things: Fellini; lasagna; Silvio Berlusconi (that last is debatable). But among the many marvels borne of those shores, truly the most wondrous has to be the knock-off film, a genre that took groundbreaking, innovative American titles and replicated them with a low-budget zeal and enough questionable technical prowess …

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Guy Maddin on KEYHOLE

I Spy With My Little Eye... Regrets of the Past: Jason Patric tries to exorcise his sins in KEYHOLE.

This gangster is haunted, literally. KEYHOLE begins with an inversion — a group of criminals have to fight their way past a police barricade into a house — and only gets stranger from there. Turns out their boss Ulysses Pick (Jason Patric), isn’t after any kind of swag, but an exorcism of the past. The …

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Bill Plympton on THE FLYING HOUSE

Couples Night in the Cockpit: A moment from Winsor McCay's THE FLYING HOUSE.

Think of it as one spiritual brother reaching out to another over the span of almost an entire century: Bill Plympton — the innovative animator known for his edgy surrealism and distinctive, hand-drawn style — has decided to rejuvenate the work of one of animation’s first fathers, Winsor McCay, the man who painstakingly and single-handedly …

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Live Record Session for THE ARBOR This Afternoon.

UPDATE! Webcast will take place approx. 3 PM ET Adding another chapter to my flirtation with live webcast, I’ll hope to be providing a live stream of my record session for the wraparound of the upcoming THE ARBOR episode. Come to this page at around 2 PM ET (be patient), and see all the excitement! …

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iTunes Back on Track

We’re now putting our audio files up on a new server that seems to be playing better with our podcast publisher, so MMP episodes are once again available on iTunes and other podcatchers. There were three episodes that were previously unavailable that can now be downloaded. They are: Aaron Schneider on GET LOW – Posted …

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iTunes in the Phantom Zone

For some reason, our podcast publishing software is no longer playing with the servers hosting our podcast files. Since my life still remains at Defcon 2, I’m not going to be able to immediately address this issue. What this means is that, for the present, the newest episodes of Mighty Movie Podcast will be available …

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Glee Goeth Before the Fall: Michael Sheen (right) and Timothy Spall celebrate for the camera in THE DAMNED UNITED

To be clear, I’ve got nothing against sports films that exult in good sportsmanship and the triumph of the underdog and the sheer joy of human competition. THE NATURAL? Sure. BAD NEWS BEARS? No prob. THE MIGHTY DUCKS? Let’s not go crazy, now. But to be honest, I’m more favorably inclined towards films like THE …

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Dan Stone & James Joyner on AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD

The Whale Hunters Hunted: Sea Shepherd challenges a Japanese whaling vessel

Paul Watson dropped out of Greenpeace because he felt they weren’t doing enough to protect whales from fleets hunting in supposedly protected seas. He founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and over the years has become the bane of whalers — Japanese in particular — by employing confrontational tactics that start at stink bombs (did …

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Donald Petrie on MY LIFE IN RUINS

Nia Vardalos (center), flanked by Rachel Dratch and Harland Williams and a buncha other folk in MY LIFE IN RUINS

Okay, let’s not kid ourselves, this weekend THE HANGOVER will be the comedy that moviegoers are lining up to see (and I can’t blame them — the thing is damn funny). But there’s another comedy opening this weekend: MY LIFE IN RUINS, starring Nia Vardalos as an ex-pat American turned Greek tour guide, Richard Dreyfuss …

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