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Scott Eastwood Cools Down While Heating Things Up for Davidoff [Paid Video]

“What makes the ocean makes the man,” says Scott Eastwood in this paid video for Davidoff Cool Water (I could be wrong, but the product’s probably not a beverage). And judging by the visuals here, it also makes most women, a quite a few men, feel that certain, special feeling in that certain, special place. …

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Coca-Cola’s Lesson in Human Values Inspires Tears, Makes You Thirsty (Sponsored Video)

Yeah, this spot from one of Coca-Cola’s overseas branches (not sure which — Singapore? They’re very big on outreach over there) pushes the heartwarming button hard, and makes a certain fizzy, refreshing drink the keystone to its lesson, but at least it’s in the service of motivating better connection between fellow human beings, so I’m …

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So while Brett Ratner and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got their crack at HERCULES this past weekend, Renny Harlin beat ’em to the punch — and the slash, and the blood-curdling war-cry — at the beginning of the year with THE LEGEND OF HERCULES. This is a more grounded treatment of the mythological warrior, closer …

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Etta Devine and Gabriel Diani on DIANI & DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE

Etta Devine (left) and Gabriel Diani (face down) go the extra few hundred miles to pitch their Kickstarter for DIANI & DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE.

The comedy team of Etta Devine and Gabriel Diani already have a bit of notoriety attached to them: Their Kickstarter campaign for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Robotic Edition) — which proposed to publish an edition of the Mark Twain classic with all occurrences of the N-word replaced with the word “robot” — attracted no …

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[Sponsored Video] What’s Romance Got to Do With It?: Thoughts After Watching BEFORE MIDNIGHT

Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in Before Midnight directed by Richard Linklater.

This, you see, is the eternal question for me: Am I a romantic or not? As a film journalist, I need to serve many masters — drama, documentary, comedy, horror, etc. — and since I tend to favor independent releases, ’cause that’s where the truly exciting, innovative stuff is going on, I suppose my narrative …

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Sponsored Video: Heineken’s THE CANDIDATE Throws Job Interviewees Some Curves

Hoo-boy, hidden-camera comedy. I admit my relationship with the genre is at best ambiguous: I’ll laugh, but not always with a clear conscience. Tom Green harassing innocent bystanders in a giant, inflatable ball can be funny, but mostly because it’s Green who bears the brunt of the ensuing abuse. David Letterman deploying an army of …

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Sponsored Video: Nicolas Cage is Back in New Orleans for STOLEN

Oh, Nic Cage, can you not quit New Orleans? That city is gonna break your heart. Yeah, you’ve found yourself in real-world trouble there, of which we’re too gentlemanly to go into detail. On film, your characters’ fortunes have hardly fared better. The corrupt cop you played THE BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS …

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Sponsored Video: Samsung Loves Monkeys & Monkeys Love Samsung

Painstaking scientific research has proven conclusively: Monkeys am funny. So when the people at Samsung wanted to demonstrate how irresistible their refrigerators are, is it any wonder they decided to do it by letting a swarm of avid simians raid the ever-so-fashionable appliances? Okay, many may regard the sight of a bunch of happy-go-lucky monkeys …

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James Franco Gets Friendly (Maybe TOO Friendly) with the Samsung Galaxy Camera [Sponsored Video]

Truth be told, we have some questions about how closely the sponsored video below adheres to documentary truth. That James Franco would throw a party and spend all of the time hiding behind a Samsung Galaxy Camera? No, don’t wash with us, he seems more outgoing than that. That once he got his mitts on …

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Sponsored Video: CONTINUUM Debuts on Syfy UK

So we’ve got another sponsored post for y’all. This is UK specific, again: On September 27th, Syfy UK will be debuting CONTINUUM, a new series out of Canada about a time-traveling policewoman from the future (Rachel Nichols) who’s sent back to present-day Vancouver to track down a gang of terrorists bent on altering history. Kinda …

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