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Cinefantastique Spotlight: JOHN CARTER

Do you have a lee-zance for zose minkeys?: Taylor Kitsch gets a bonus in simians in JOHN CARTER.

Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, James Kirk, Luke Skywalker. Bleep those guys; as an interplanetary adventurer, John Carter has ‘em all beat by at least ten years. Bringing the star of   Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of Barsoom novels to the screen has been a long-sought-after passion project for a number of filmmakers, including Bob Clampett, Ray …

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Format Testing on MMP Site

Mighty Movie Art v01

In the spirit of international cooperation and brotherhood, we’re going to be using the Mighty Movie Podcast site to test format upgrades for Cinefantastique Online over the next few weeks. Content should still be accessible here, but might look a little weird. Please let us know of any serious problems through our e-mail link. Thanks …

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