Hour of the Wolf Movie Review: INSIDE OUT

inside-out-d150_20mcs.sel16.171_350Okay, right, yeah, sure, sure: Inside Out is a wall-to-wall wonder, good news for anyone who despaired that the animation studio, Pixar — after numerous missteps — had lost its mojo, and who, frankly, would’ve rejoiced in any glimmer of the ol’ Pixar verve now. It’s better than that, far better. But while you’re alternating between laughter and tears (’cause that’s what Pixar does), you may not realize how much of a tightrope walk this metaphorical tour of a young girl’s psyche is. I explore the challenges faced by the film’s creators in my review for Jim Freund’s Hour of the Wolf. Click on the player to hear the show, or right-click the link to download.

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