We’re Back! Hopefully.

The company hosting MMP has been having some trouble with our databases, which is why our availability has been sporadic over the past few weeks and we were completely down for the last few days. They’re still working on the problem, but we’re up for now and hopefully will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Apologies to everyone who’s come looking for our shows and was frustrated, and thank you for coming back.

We’re going to catch you up quick. First up will be the season two debut of The CFQ Interview, featuring our debut guest, Doug Jones (Hellboy; Pan’s Labyrinth, Falling Skies), followed by my Hour of the Wolf review of Edge of Tomorrow. Next week will see my HotWolf review of How to Train Your Dragon 2, and upcoming will be my interview with Rigor Mortis director Juno Mak, and a new Temple of Bad, featuring our in-depth discussion of A Talking Cat?!?

Now, aren’t you glad you waited?

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