Which Cartoon Lagoon Will Make You Swoon?

Well, this is awkward. Kevin Smith has just put out a show on iTunes called Kevin Smith’s Cartoon Lagoon — judging from the trailer, he’s doing the Ricky Gervais Show thing: taking the audio from his podcasts and bringing them to animated life, hopefully to humorous effect. Which is all well and good — Smith is good for more than a few laughs, no reason a cartoon rendition of his stuff shouldn’t be a hoot.

Problem is: that title. You see, there’s another lagoon out there, namely Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon, a half-hour show produced by cartoon vets Manny Galan and Pat Giles in which a snazzy combo of puppetry and computer animation are used to apply the MST3K concept to a batch of classic, and not-so-classic, cartoons. That one I’ve seen, and it’s a lotta fun.

Still, no reason hardy adventurers can’t set anchor at both lagoons — you can check out Smith’s effort on iTunes; meantime, you can see the trailer for the Galan/Giles effort at their website, or below.

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