Sponsored Video: Nicolas Cage is Back in New Orleans for STOLEN

Oh, Nic Cage, can you not quit New Orleans? That city is gonna break your heart. Yeah, you’ve found yourself in real-world trouble there, of which we’re too gentlemanly to go into detail. On film, your characters’ fortunes have hardly fared better. The corrupt cop you played THE BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS slowly sunk into the morass of his own degeneracy, fueled by copious drugs and Werner Herzog’s operatic, well-received direction. In Roger Donaldson’s not-as-enthusiatically-embraced SEEKING JUSTICE, you were a loving husband driven to nefarious deeds after the rape of your wife forced you into the clutches of a sinister conspiracy. The city may be big, but nothing ever seems easy for you there.

Yet, in STOLEN, here you are again, in the guise of Will Montgomery, a thief newly out of the slammer and just wanting to reestablish ties with your daughter, Alison. Think that’s going to happen? Don’t kid yourself. Ali gets kidnapped by your former business partner, and now you’ve got to get back into your old profession — on Mardi Gras day, yet — in order to net the $10 million that will pay the ransom. You’ve got your old partner in crime, Malin Akerman, to help out, and your former CON AIR director Simon West at the helm, but really, all things considered, your repeated trips back to this place just make you look like a glutton for punishment. Newark has some lovely neighborhoods, you really should look into them, consider a move. It’ll be much healthier for everyone involved.

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