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Cinefantastique Spotlight: WARM BODIES

I Wanna Know, Did You Ever Eat the Braaaaaaains?: Zombie Nicholas Hoult (left), and humans Teresa Palmer (center) and Analeigh Tipton risk all to save humanity in WARM BODIES.

In the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get, whether that’s scrounging for medicine in an abandoned pharmacy, sitting down to dinner with a can of year-old Spam (uh, could we reconsider getting bitten again?), or pinning the last hope for the world on the slim possibility that a chance meeting between a human …

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Nick Kroll on KROLL SHOW

Nick Kroll (left) and Jenny Slate live the Bravo reality in KROLL SHOW.

Up until a few weeks ago, I feared I’d soon see Sally Struthers showing up on TV, exhorting me to donate to find a home for the population explosion that is comedian Nick Kroll’s vast array of characters. Fortunately, I don’t have to give up the change I spend on my daily Coca-Cola (I don’t …

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