Tribeca 2012 Diary: NANCY, PLEASE Director Andrew Semans

Why let others torture you when you can cut out the middle man and do it yourself? In NANCY, PLEASE, twenty-something Paul (Will Rogers) tries to retrieve a book from his former roommate, Nancy (ElĂ©onore Hendricks), a task complicated both by the fact that the woman appears to be an unholy gene-splice between the Marquis de Sade and a rabid pit bull, and by Paul’s seeming inability to disengage from her provocations.

In his feature film debut, director Andrew Semans has created a slyly disturbing tragicomedy that explores how a life strategy built around wallowing in one’s own victimhood can lead to a rapid, and quite mortifying, undoing. I returned once more to the Tribeca Festival’s host hotel to talk with Andrew; our discussion is below.

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