Trapeze School New York: Off the Street and Into the Air (Sponsored Post)

I don’t want to be the one to tell the people at Samsung their job, but I think it’s high-time somebody told the people at Samsung their job. I mean, they’re a good sponsor and alla that — if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sit down with show biz legend Joe Franklin — but really, I’m not sure they’re all that much in tune with what average, ordinary people are like. For instance, take a look at the video they’re passing around, promoting their Stage talent competition:

Okay, despite the best warnings of bio-ethicists everywhere, it’s clear that there’s a lab now that’s whipping up human/animal hybrids. In this particular case, someone’s taken the genes of the cutest little gol’-durn girl in the world and crossed them with a flying squirrel. Some people may not have problems with that, but just wait until it gets further into fall and the kid starts stashing acorns under her bed. Not feeling so cocky now, are you, Dr. Frankenstein?

I think it’s swell that Samsung wants to encourage real people to discover the talent within, but, then, I want to actually see real people doing that. So I decided to go to a place right here in New York City that actually helps anyone with the desire to untap their natural gift for flight. A short trip to the Hudson River and Trapeze School New York, and here’s the story I came back with:

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