Guillaume Dolmans Goes on “The Date” (Sponsored Post)

Guillaume Dolmans in Heineken's "The Date."

So, another fun little sponsored post for y’all. This time Heineken’s the backer: They’ve got a new episode in what appears to be their ongoing series of “Nightlives of Really Cool Guys” videos. This one’s called “The Date,” and in about a minute and a half it depicts the kind of night you’ve always wished you could show your date — you know: become the life of the nightclub, wow the kitchen staff, best a magician, battle a paper dragon, invent your own geeky-neat dance moves — but probably can’t. The star is French actor Guillaume Dolmans, who’d probably have a nice career ahead of him if only there was some place in show biz for a remarkably handsome guy who looks like he knows all the right moves. Pffft, as if.

We got a chance to talk to Dolmans about his rather unusual transition to the acting world and his experience shooting “The Date.” Click on the player to hear the interview.

“The Date”

Guillaume Dolmans in

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