Monte Hellman on ROAD TO NOWHERE

Welcome to the Rear Window: A director (Tygh Runyan) finds fact blending with fiction in ROAD TO NOWHERE.

As politics too often demonstrates, the line between truth and fiction is a fragile one. In ROAD TO NOWHERE, a director (Tygh Runyan) casts an unknown actress (Shannyn Sossamon) in his latest project, a Southern noir film based on a true story, little realizing that the woman’s past connects her directly to the crime being reenacted. Using a fractured narrative approach, leaping from on-set intrigue to film-within-the-film double-dealing, director Monte Hellman weaves a tale that examines the intersections between the professional liars of the average film crew, and those who lie out of greed, fear, or just pure survival.

Hellman directed TWO LANE BLACKTOP back in 1971, possibly the ballsiest and simultaneously most soulful subversion of the road movie ever, and hasn’t missed a step here. We talk about his extended absence from the director’s chair, the unusual circumstances — both financial and technical — that finally got ROAD TO NOWHERE to the screen, and what may be next. Click on the player to hear the interview.


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