Cinefantastique Post-Mortem: Remembering Dino DeLaurentiis

In this week’s Cinefantastique Post-Mortem Podcast, Dan Persons and Steve Biodrowski bid farewell to producer Dino DeLaurentiis, who died on November 10 at the age of 91. DeLaurentiis was a frequent contributor to the cinefantastique genres, producing numerous horror, fantasy, and science fiction films: DANGER: DIABOLIK (1968), KING KONG (1976), CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982), DUNE (1984), MANHUNTER (1986, with Brian Cox as Hannibal Lecter), and ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992). Also on the agenda: a comparison of MONSTERS to SKYLINE, two giant-monster movies currently in release, and one more comment on I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE vs. LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.

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