The Chronic Rift – In Review: NEVER LET ME GO

Following up my recent appearance on THE CHRONIC RIFT’s Fall Movie Preview show(s — it was actually broken into two episodes), I make my debut as the resident movie critic of the podcast produced expressly for lovers of genre media in all its forms.

In addition, there are book reviews by Andrea Lipinski, TV reviews by Keith R.A. DeCandido, comic reviews by David Alexander “The Comics Curmudgeon” McDonald, and a pop culture overview by Orenthal Hawkins. All hosted by the Riftmaster himself, John Drew, and Judith Furnari. Click on the player to hear the show.

Segment One – Bringing it to the Table

2:30 – John went to a dog psychic.  He also announces the winner of Boom! Studios comic collection and sets up this month’s contest for the prize of a Blu-Ray copy of The Phantom.  Listen for the trivia question and send your answer with your name and address to john@chronicrift.com.  The winner will be announced on the next In Review episode.

12:45 – Andrea reports on two science museums she visited while she was in San Francisco, The California Academy of Sciences and The Exploratorium.

15:12 – Judy loves the Jacob Burns Film Center and Media Arts Lab in Pleasantville, NY where she and Andrea recently saw Metropolis.

21:08 – Orenthal is very impressed with Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated.

28:01 – Promo for the Cinefantastique Podcast.

28:33 – Yogi Bear and Boo Boo try to figure out why anyone would want to smoke.

29:33 – Promo for the Dead Robots Society Podcast.

Segment Two – The Reviews

32:10 – Andrea reviews Heresy by S.J. Parris and S#!t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern.

41:45 – Dan Persons premieres “The Multiplex at the End of the Universe” with his review of the release of Never Let Me Go.

50:37- John really likes Pop Culture Brain Podcast, a relatively new podcast on pop culture.  He recommends you check out episode 29 of Radio Free Burrito, the John Rogers interview of The Gamers Haven Podcast and episode 37 of the Nerdist Podcast.

1:00:53 – The Comics Curmudgeon offers a eulogy on the passing of WildStorm Comics.

1:08:00 – Keith presents six shows, looking at some of this fall’s offerings – Boardwalk Empire, Terriers, Hawaii 5-0, The Event, Chase, and Detroit 187.  Plus, Keith was less than impressed with the second season finale of Warehouse 13.

1:18:14 – Promo for the Babylon Podcast

1:18:52 – 60 Second Science – City living promotes infections and weaken resistance.

1:20:07 – Promo for Doctor Who Podshock.

Segment Three – The Wrap-Up

1:27:47 – Orenthal looks at the new Hawaii 5-0 series from the pop culture point of view.

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