REPOST: Recommended Listening

In the process of recovering from the database crash over the weekend, I lost the two posts that contained recommendations to podcasts that I listen to regularly. Sadly, Mr. Einstein here didn’t bother to save the in-depth descriptions of each show, so I’m just going to give a capsule overview and encourage you to check ’em out. It’ll be worth your while.

The /Filmcast

When I was doing the initial research for MMP, this is the show my pro contacts said I should be listening to. They were right. News, reviews, and just good general talk about film. They broadcast live on Monday night, and they also have a more free-form “After Dark” post show, which is a beast unto itself. Lots of good guests, too.

Scene Unseen Movie Reviews

Criticism with a twist: Christopher Browne sees the film, Jimmy Skodras doesn’t. Leads to some good conversation as Jimmy relies upon trailers, buzz, and his own personal instincts to divine what a new release might be like, and Chris either concurs or counters based upon what he actually saw on the screen. Don’t let the dude-like banter fool you; Chris & Jimmy — both industry pros — have a definite love of film and a considerable depth of knowledge about the art.

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