Raves for MMP!

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The latest episode of the highly-regarded EDGY PODCAST REVIEWS offers hosts Daniel & Jana’s opinions on MMP and, to put it mildly, they kinda love it.

Here, in fine, film industry tradition, are some excerpted quotes (trust me, I’m being fair in my selection):

“…the length of the episodes are about 20 minutes and left us wanting more… Dan asks great questions… We recommend Mighty Movie Podcast for listeners who want a different style and presentation for a podcast in the TV and Film category.

Daniel: Four Stars

Jana: Four and a Half Stars

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But what you really should do is to subscribe to EDGY PODCAST REVIEWS on iTunes. Daniel & Jana are fun to listen to and know from whence they speak — their critiques are well-reasoned and usually spot-on. Whether you’re a tentative explorer in the world of podcasting or drinking deeply from that deep, deep well (and, really, you should get out every now and then and get some sun), they’ll open you up to stuff you never dreamed existed.  Me, I shall forever be in their debt for having steered me to THE CHILDREN’S HOUR OF KNOWLEDGE (too bad these guys seem to have stopped producing eps, but that’s not D&J’s fault).

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