Stephan Elliott on EASY VIRTUE

Easy VirtueNot so much a classic, dry martini as one of those newfangled drinks that get whipped up in upscale bars — you know, the kind of beverage made with exotic liquors and maybe one of those faux, LED ice cubes for a bit of dazzle — EASY VIRTUE takes one of Noel Coward’s earlier plays and turns it into a smart, snappy bit of entertainment for the twenty-first century. Considering that the story is about a clash of cultures between a progressive, 1920’s American woman (Jessica Biel), her fiancee (Ben Barnes), and his veddy British, very traditional family (headed up by Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas), the contemporary tweaking gives the film an interesting, meta twist.

This episode features MMP’s first three-on-one. Get your mind out of the gutter — that just means that in addition to speaking with director Stephan Elliott, we also hear from his co-writer Sheridan Jobbins and the film’s composer Marius de Vries. Consider it our version of a Memorial Day blow out. Beats hawking mattresses.



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