Y’know, I suspect the production of HEAVEN’S GATE wasn’t as arduous as the creation of our first review episode. Lack of sleep, machine crashes, and a profound case of cold feet on the part of yours truly conspired to push this show from debuting on Wednesday, as I’d planned, to this premiere, just a shade over midnight on Friday.

At least we’re kicking things off with a big-deal, Memorial Day tentpole: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN. If we go forward with more reviews (more on that below), there may be another big release in the offing, after which we may alternate between mainstream and indie releases, as opportunity provides.

But first, I need to know if people would like me to continue critiquing films in the first place, and I’m making the process as simple as possible: Go to mightymoviepodcast.com; click on the “Contact Us!” tab at the top of the page; enter your e-mail address; in the subject field enter “Reviews”; and in the message field type either “Yes” or “No.” That simple, that fast, and it will help me in planning the near future of this podcast.

Don’t worry, interviews with filmmakers will still be MMP’s main beat. But if there’s enough enthusiasm for branching out into reviews, I’m willing to take that on as well. You’ve got a voice in this decision; let me know what you think.


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