Jake Rademacher on BROTHERS AT WAR

Director Jake Rademacher "on location" in BROTHERS AT WAR

Director Jake Rademacher "on location" in BROTHERS AT WAR

I have to admit: I can get a little knee-jerk liberal at times. So when I saw that BROTHERS AT WAR was exec produced by Gary Sinise and came with high praise from Jon Voight — especially since my last exposure to the political Jon Voight was through his role as George Washington in the atrocious “conservative comedy” AN AMERICAN CAROL — I approached the Iraq documentary with my guard up.

I needn’t have worried. Director Jake Rademacher — an actor who had wanted to serve himself but because of poor eyesight had to defer while his brothers Isaac and Joe were dispatched to Iraq — is respectful to the troops but succeeds in embuing this examination of soldiers coping in the war zone and at home with a reassuring candor. That he was able to get unprecedented access — going out on surveillance missions, sitting in with snipers on the job, and at one point finding himself smack-dab in the middle of a fire fight — and that he brings to bear in shaping this story his love and concern for his brothers (Joe, in particular, who appears to struggle with his occasional returns to the civilian world), help make this a one of the more riveting glimpses into a soldier’s experience in the midst of a very difficult war.

I know, were I in the same situation, I’d be hanging out in the bunker with the DVD system and the Coke machine, so I was interested in getting behind Rademacher’s motivations. Here’s the interview.

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