Paul Morrison on LITTLE ASHES

Javier Beltrán as Federico García Lorca and Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dalí in LITTLE ASHES

The relationship between Salvadore Dali and filmmaker Luis Bunuel is well-known — their collaboration, UN CHIEN ANDALOU, is one of the landmarks of film history. Less well known is that the association began while they were students at a university in Madrid, and included radical poet and author Federico Garcia Lorca. Really less known — Dali only discussed it at the end of his life — was that, for a brief while, Dali and Lorca weren’t just friends, but lovers.

Director Paul Morrison focuses on that relationship in his new film, LITTLE ASHES. Spinning off actual events, Morrison builds a drama that explores three 20th century pioneers  — with Matthew McNulty as Bunuel, Javier Beltran as Lorca and Robert Pattinson as Dali — as they struggle against the repression of pre-civil war Spain and make choices between their art, their politics, and their personal happiness. In the case of Dali, the film suggests that the flamboyant pose he offered the public concealed a long-held regret.

Here’s my interview with Paul Morrison.

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