Atom Egoyan on ADORATION

Tom (Scott Speedman), Sabine (Arsinée Khanjian) and Simon (Devon Bostick) in ADORATION

Okay, no fooling, I really like Atom Egoyan’s work. He got me at THE SWEET HEREAFTER, then I backtracked to EXOTICA and followed up with FELICIA’S JOURNEY, and found them all rewarding experiences. (WHERE THE TRUTH LIES didn’t quite do it for me, but hey, an occasional miss is only to be expected.) Something about his still, precise way of telling a story, his use of ritual to unveil a character’s motives, his empathy for humanity in all its desperation and folly, makes him the rare filmmaker that engages both the heart and the brain.

ADORATION continues the trend. Telling the tale of a teenager (Devon Bostick) who creates an elaborate fiction about his dead parents, then unveiling how that story spins out of control once it reaches the Internet to affect his adoptive uncle (Scott Speedman) and the drama teacher (Arsinee Khanjian) who encouraged the boy despite knowing about the story’s falsehood, Egoyan looks into the mechanisms of grief  with grace and subtlety, and adds in inquests into such present-day concerns as religious xenophobia and the obscuring power of the World Wide Web, just so thing’s won’t be too easy for anyone involved.

I’ve enjoyed doing all the interviews I’ve put up here, but getting a chance to talk with Egoyan was something special. Enjoy!


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