Michael Keaton directs THE MERRY GENTLEMAN.

Michael Keaton directs THE MERRY GENTLEMAN.

The gentleman is not merry. The gentleman is quite morose, as a matter of fact. The title only becomes comprehensible once you know that the THE MERRY GENTLEMAN, Michael Keaton’s directing debut, takes place during Christmas. Thus, by placing a “God rest ye…” before the title, you get some idea of the film’s emotional outlook.

Keaton stars as well, as a hit man at the end of his rope and seeking emotional salvation from Kelly Macdonald, playing a battered wife fleeing her abusive, cop husband. Add in a homicide detective — played by producer Tom Bastounes — who’s both on the trail of Keaton’s killer and also seeking solace in Kelly’s attentions, and you’ve got a rather unique romantic triangle that manages to take time out for occasional lashings of humor and the odd contract hit. The film doesn’t quite hit all its marks, but shows that Keaton exhibits definite promise as a helmer.

Here’s the press conference with Keaton discussing the film.


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