Hee Yeon Kim and Song Hee Kim in TREELESS MOUNTAIN

Hee Yeon Kim and Song Hee Kim in TREELESS MOUNTAIN

Ohhhhh, the pitfalls director So Yong Kim faced in making the protagonists of her film, TREELESS MOUNTAIN, two young children. One false move, and the effort could’ve turned into a sloppy, mawkish mess. Fortunately for her, the nonprofessional actresses she cast in the roles — Hee Yeon Kim as Jin and Song Hee Kim as younger sister Bin — deliver natural, unselfconscious performances. It also helps that director Kim herself favors a stripped down,  documentary-like shooting style — in a story where the children are abandoned by their mother to their less-than-doting aunt, and spend their days wandering around the junk piles of their neighborhood while praying for their mother’s return, the spare treatment helps to make the emotional impact all the more powerful.

I interviewed Kim in a studio at New York’s Oscilloscope Laboratories, where it appears the staff really likes their Guitar Hero. (They refrained during the interview, fortunately).


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TREELESS MOUNTAIN @ Oscilloscope Laboratoies

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