Hiam Abbass in LEMON TREE

Hiam Abbass in LEMON TREE

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Eran Riklis has that knack: He can depict people confronting government intransigence and bureaucratic ineptitude without lapsing into mawkish sentimentality or strident speechifying. In THE SYRIAN BRIDE, he depicted the hell that ordinary people can face just trying to cross a border; now, in LEMON TREE, he shows how a Palestinian woman with an emotional stake in her family’s lemon grove (played by the great Hiam Abbass) faces down an entire government that wants to raze the plants for the sake of national security.

The technical quality of this interview is just a notch south of pristine (open note to the Soho Grand Hotel: Please turn down your sound system!), but here is my interview with Riklis.


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When Riklis Met Abbass:

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